Logistics Product Data (LPD) Training

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About LPD Training

The LPD Course is designed to provide logisticians and supportability professionals with an in-depth understanding of the concepts, principles and current reference standards which guide Product Support Analysis (PSA) and LPD development, contracting, use and sustainment throughout the life cycle.

The Goal

Provide useful information for logisticians and supportability professionals on the new SAE SMC LCLS (GEIA/TA) standards including insight into enhancements in the upcoming Rev C version.

Types of LPD Training

This course provides 2.5 days of classroom instruction. The course incorporates instruction, demonstrations, and discussions supported by real-world lessons learned and includes: training materials, lectures, supported by on-screen presentations, demonstrations, large group discussions, a reference library of useful information and data.

This modular course has six instructional modules of varying lengths beginning with the introduction to PSA and LPD and progresses through the remaining modules to provide a solid foundation of knowledge in today’s current developments and requirements for Logistics Product Data.

Benefits of LPD Training

Upon completion, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the use, application, and differences of Supportability Standards including the past MIL-STD-1388 and the new standards (GEIA-STD-0007/0017, MIL-STD-1388-2B, SAE GEIA-STD-0007-B, SAE TA-HB-0007-1, SAE GEIA-HB-0007, SAE TA-STD-0017).
  • Understand the of the various LPD reports, their uses and how to review them
  • Understand and justify the requirements for PSA & LPD throughout the life-cycle
  • How to contract for LPD
  • An introduction to some of the LPD tools currently available today
Who is LPD for?

This course is designed for logisticians and supportability professionals with experience in PSA, Logistics Support Analysis (LSA), maintenance planning and/or supportability experience but provides benefit to anyone involved in supportability analysis from entry level to subject matter experts.


LPD Class Modules


Module 1 – Introduction To The Product Support Analysis Process
Module 2 – Introduction To Logistics Product Data
Module 3 – Introduction To 0007 Data Entities
Module 4 – Introduction To LSA Reports
Module 5 – LPD Sustainment in the Life Cycle
Module 6 – Contracting for Logistics Product Data

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